Free On Page SEO Service-Avail Free On Page SEO Service Online

If you are in the process of setting up a new website and looking for a free on page SEO service , this is the one for you.

We also help existing website owners  who want to have a free website analysis.

We offer free SEO consultation whether you are new or old in the internet marketing arena.

For any website on page SEO plays a crucial role in helping you to get SERP rankings and we are ready to do it free for you.

What you get with our free on page SEO service

1.Free meta title tag optimization.

2.Free meta keywords tag optimization.

3.Free meta description tag optimization.

4.Free Header tag optimization.

5.Free submission to Google and other leading search engines.

6.Free setting up of Google analytics account for you

7.Free Adding your site to Google webmaster tools.

8.Free Check of  your on page content for uniqueness.

9.Free check of keyword density in your on page content.

10.Free sitemap creation.

For a limited time, we offer free 400 words unique on page content creation for the keywords you supply to us. Just give us your keywords and we will create unique content for your site after doing thorough research on the subject online.

As an additional bonus, we also offer to build free wordpress blog for you with the content you provide which we will optimize for you. This will be a simple wordpress site with 4 pages, which are

1.Home page

2.Contact us

3.Privacy policy

4.Terms and Conditions

Why we offer free on page SEO service?

You may wonder and rightly so, why we offer free on page SEO service when SEO companies charge exorbitant amounts in the name of on page SEO service  done for your website. We confess that there is a selfish motive behind offering free on page SEO service. To get your free on page SEO done for you, we expect you to do either of the two things mentioned below.

Avail Bluehost Hosting Services Through this link

[hana-code-insert name='bluehost' /]

Avail the hosting services of the best leading affordable hosting service provider Bluehost through our affiliate link. It is just a quid pro quo , useful to both of us. That means, you have to sign up for Bluehost hosting through the link THAT we provide, to avail our free on page SEO service. You need a hosting provider for your site don’t you? You have to pay for a hosting service anyway and why not have it through our link so that you get the benefit of our free on page SEO service. Whether you go directly to Bluehost to avail hosting or sign up through our link, the hosting cost is going to be the same for you. So, why not avail our free on page SEO service and save on the amount you will have to spend on page optimization which you are surely going to need for your website.

Our Affordable Link Building Services

Do you want to see improved Google rankings for your site?

Are you searching for low cost, affordable link building services?

We build Google friendly links for your site at affordable rates by using purely white hat, Google approved techniques.

It is a fact that links are important for any site to climb the Google SERP ladder to increase visibility and profits.

Most SEO companies charge an arm and leg for link building but our services are affordable as we want long term relationship.

Whether you want short term or long term link building, we will do the needful for you.

Just give us your site URL and the keywords(maximum 6 for one URL) and we will do the rest.

We are honest and sincere in our dealings with our customers and once you avail  our services you are sure to come to us again and again.

Avail Our Web Design Services

You can also avail our free on page SEO service if you build your new website through us. You will be surely needing a website which is basic to any business. When you design your website through us, we give you extra benefit of free on page optimization done for you.

We will get your job done through simple,reliable, high quality web design companies at cheaper rates as we have a long term business relationship with them. When you approach web design companies directly, you will be charged more but when you get the job  done through us it will be cheaper for you.  We will help  you get a new website designed the way you want .

If you already have a website and a web host, you can still avail our services for a mere $5 for on page SEO for the home page. When you consider the cost what others will charge you for on page optimization, you will surely opt for our quality free on page SEO service without fail.

For all your needs, please contact us at with the following information.

1.Your name and email address

2.Your exact need and what you want us to do for you

We will respond within 24 hours.


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Disclosure Statement:The owner of this site gets affiliate commission for the products sold on this site.

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Low cost Text video/doodle video creation service

It is a proven fact that a relevant video boosts search engine optimization by

*improving visitor engagement

*making the visitor spend more time on your site

*getting high click through rates

*tripling natural inbound links

*increasing the number of site visitors

For a small business that is short on funds,a simple low cost  video can bring excellent results.

A marketing video becomes the online face of the business which customers get to recognize that in turn enhances the trust factor.

Every small business needs a simple low cost video that engages the customer and helps improve search engine optimization.

I offer simple youtube text video/doodle video creation service like whiteboard videos that cost less but enhance customer engagement.

For a limited time,I offer my services for $8 per one minute video which is dead cheap and affordable.

My turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.

There is also an urgent option in which your video will created within 24 hours at an extra cost of $5.

Sample videos:


Low cost Sketch/doodle video creation services-Whiteboard animation services

Are you looking to hire  sketch videos/Doodle videos services or whiteboard animation services or business marketing video creation services that are affordable?

In this day and age ,every business or service needs short promo videos for products or services offered.

And it need not cost you an arm and leg.

Promo videos are perfect for showcasing your products or services as visuals are more appealing .

The reason is simple.It is easy to connect with buyers through the visual medium.

People can see and understand for themselves what they are getting before they buy.

We offer animated text/doodle video creation service at affordable rates like

*Explainer videos

*Video sales letters

*Animated marketing videos

*Articles,blog posts  conversion videos

Sample video:

Our charges:

We charge $20 for a 1 minute (or less) doodle video.

The turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.

The charges need to be paid in full before commencement of work.

For other types of videos such as explainer videos, article to videos,

business marketing videos we charge $10 per one minute video.

The process:

You write to us about your requirement and we will immediately get down to work.

You need to supply your script along with, non-copyrighted text and royalty free images of your products or services for creation of the video.

If you don’t know how to create script, we will do it for you for an extra cost of $20.

Contact us for all your marketing video creation needs.




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Buy UAW Articles-Unique Article Wizard UAW Submission Service

Best UAW Articles-Fast Unique Article Wizard(UAW) Submission Service

Our Unique Article Wizard(UAW) submission service creates quality UAW articles and submits them to UAW for distribution to various relevant blogs, article directories and others for maximum exposure and one way link building. Many veteran online marketers have used UAW and are still using it. In the post Google Penguin era, UAW is found to be still effective.

Why we created Unique Article Wizard(UAW) Articles submission service?

Unique article wizard(UAW) articles submission service is created to help webmasters achieve maximum exposure for their products and services through article distribution which is still the best way to get targeted long term, free organic web traffic. Article distribution is  the only time tested method which is Google Panda and Penguin proof to get maximum exposure. UAW articles creation and distribution is time consuming work which we do for our clients so that they are free to focus their attention on other important activities to improve their business.

What Unique Article Wizard(UAW) Articles submission service can do for you?

We provide two types of services to our clients.

Service No.1:

Our Unique Article Wizard submission service will create unique UAW articles for any keyword that you prefer by researching online and submit them for distribution through UAW. All you have to do is supply keywords and URLs that you want promoted through your UAW account. This will cost you $9 per 1 article with 2 rewrites of 80% uniqueness.

Service No.2:

If you do not know how to rewrite the article, we are here to serve you. Just provide us UAW articles that are unique for which we will create 2 rewrites and submit them through your unique article wizard membership account. Provide us with the keywords and URLs and we will do the rest.

Why you should choose Unique Article Wizard(UAW) Articles submission service?

I am a member of unique article wizard for the past 4 years and I have achieved great results through UAW. I know what needs to be done for fast and effective results.

Contact us for all your needs by writing to us at


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